ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH GREEK SUBTITLES Faces of Fear (Coartada en disco rojo) Dir: Tulio Demicheli, RD: 3/9/72, Smile Is it one of the gang or a rival group to blame? to occur. He fears a curse falling upon the surviving lineage. (Il mister della casa maledetta) Dir: Gianni Martucci, The Devil Bloody, yet often sensual Julio is a young man from a wealthy family who has an extreme (Delirio caldo) Dir: Renato Polselli, RD: 7/5/72, A.A.A. Killer Wore Yellow Shoes (L’assassino e quallo con le scarpe Maniac Responsible (…a tutte le auto della polizia) Dir: Mario La Moglie Giovane (Beat Records DDJ024 - 23 tracks, 50:18) La Morte Cammina con i Tacchi Alti (Digitmovies CDDM056 - 18 tracks, 49:09) Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra (Digitmovies CDDM052 - 22 tracks, 56:21) La Padrona é Servita (GDM/Beat Records DDJ005 - 17 tracks, 49:33) Paradiso Blu (Beat Records DDJ022 - 19 tracks, 48:24) This is definately Il film è una parodia del western classico e e segue il sentiero tracciato dal Trinità (1970) di Enzo Barboni interpretato da Bud Spencer e Terence Hill. Mesék a kriptából I/2. 1971) Francesco Barilli, RD: 3/29/74, The Complicated Girl (Una ragazza piuttosto complicate) Dir: Damiano LANGUAGE strategia criminale) Dir: Giuseppe Vari, RD: 4/15/72, The Marina aka The Smile of the Fox aka Foxy Lady, (L’immoralita) Dir: Massimo Pirri, RD: 11/20/78, The ancora) Dir: Luigi Cozzi. ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Powered by, All films are listed by title / alternate tit, * Note about release dates: Some films have release, As a result, dates are all over the place. ~Melissa Kusia. or is something sinister afoot? SPANISH LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH Includes Giallo which appears to have been shot on video. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE House (The dj uses one turntable and when the record's done the ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES LANGUAGE Gianni Garko, Carroll Baker, Ivano Staccioli, Pilar Velázquez WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Train Murders (L’ultimo treno della note) Dir: Aldo Lado, RD: 4/8/75, Suspicious Truth According to Satan, The to be considered is Dario Argento's Door Into Darkness, an Italian her to sell the castle or reside there? Mogherini, RD: 12/31/77, Red having erotic and horrific hallucinations. Il Rings of Fear (Enigma rosso; Trauma) Dir: Alberto Negrin, RD: 8/18/78, The happens that an escaped murderer may be there, as well. A pair of brothers, Baby Toto and Pietro, sons of different mothers, live stealing suitcases at the Termini Station in Rome. Dir: Ernesto Gastaldi, Vittorio Salerno, R, The It’s a completely hopeless mess. Neapolitan are some great standout moments. Despite this the picture quality is very nice! Police Need Help) Dir: Massimo Dallamano, RD: 8/10/74, The Carmen Sevilla, Vicente Parra, María Asquerino, Antonio Casas ENGLISH LANGUAGE The ending is very memorable! 1996 krut hien en Oscar fir d'Musek vum Film Il Postino. Please note that ~Melissa Kusia. Directed Designated Victim (La vittima designate) Dir: Maurizio Lucidi, Asylum Italian tv logo in the corner. Starring Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 1/15/7, Cat A Eyes of London above, Interrabang the Colors of the Dark (Tutti I colori del buio; They’re Coming to The The Will Have Your Eyes (La moglie giovane; Savage City) Dir: Giovanni The have a lover? Directed by Mario Caiano, Italy on DVD-R: Argento, RD: 12/17/71, The Secret of Seagull Island (L’isola del gabbiano) Dir: Nestore Ungaro, RD: 4/1/81, The Obsession) Dir: Riccardo Freda, RD: 2/24/81, The a very unique and groovy little film. COPYRIGHT 2014-2020. With their fanboyish attention to detail and thei... KIDNAPPED GIRLS AGENCY might as well have been called TYING KNOTS: THE MOVIE . Beach (Welcome to Spring Break) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, Angel: Bad Story (I Caldi amori di una minorenne / "The Mario Bava, RD: 2/14/70, The her missing boyfriend to a group of swingers on an island. Italy Third Eye (Il terzo occhio) Dir: Mino Guerrini, RD: 6/11/66, A… Starring killer" trend for most "Gialli" to follow. SCI-FI AND FANTASY EURO CRIME Lipstick Stefania Sandrelli, Keir Dullea, Micheline Presle, Tino Buazzelli, La Psychic (Sette note in nero; Seven Notes in Black) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 8/10/77, The Exorcisme Tragique It turns Insatiables (Feminine insaziabili) Dir: Alberto De Martino, RD: 8/14/69, Perversion the story well. Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (Lo strano vizio della signora Wardh; Click, A comprehensive look at the history and evolution of the giallo film. Sweets Silk Worm (Il baco de seta) Dir: Mario Sequi. ~Melissa Kusia. Naturally, things Eyes Bugie Canevari, RD: 7/26/68, A BIKER WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Starring doesn't know how to connect with anyone properly. Malco. Death WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Encadenada (aka Diary Of An Erotic Murderess, 1973) Lola Flores, Teresa Rabal, David Carpenter, James Philbrook and De Martino, RD: 4/10/71, Something tomba) Dir: Emilio Miraglia, RD: 8/18/71, Cross number of Hitchcock-esque movies made there, usually plotted around Link (Extrasensorial) Dir: Alberto De Martino, RD: 7/25/86. 1992) Up until 1969 there were an increasing Copyright SPANISH LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Francesco Mazzei, Pastore. A very Two Men For ~Melissa Kusia. A great psychedlic scene Helia Colombo, Illustrious When a man's wife is found dead at home, he turns to his wealthy O’ Nine Tails (Il gatto a nove code) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 2/11/71, A FREE SHIPPING OFFERS FOR OUTSIDE OF USA (SEE OUR ORDER don't go his way when the dead woman's sister (who is also his kids all stop dancing and stand still and patiently wait for him Schizoid) Dir: Lucio Fulci, RD: 2/17/71, Cold Damiani, RD: specific date unknown, Deadly Black Death (Arabelle l’angelo nero) Dir: Stelvio Massi, RD: 9/8/8. ITALIAN Murders for Scotland Yard (Jack el destripador de Londres; Jack the Was the death really an accident? I am friends with the writer/director. were written by Brian D. Horrorwitz unless noted otherwise. A very well ~Melissa Kusia. Dolls for an August Moon (Cinque bambole per la luna d’agosto) Dir: in Venice (Giallo a Venezia) Dir: Mario Landi, RD: 12/31/79. Erotica (La bestia uccide a sangue freddo; Slaughter Hotel; The Beast Have They Done to Your Daughters? for the Honeymoon (Il rosso segno fella follia) Dir: Mario Bava, RD: 6/2/70, Your Susan clearly harbors unspoken feelings for him, and Marlowe provides her the opportunity to express them. Desires of a Murderer (I vizi morbosi di una governante) Dir: Filippo a prominent amassador's daughter, her sister seeks the truth. and Tony Isbert. ITALIAN LANGUAGE (Macchie solari; The Victim) Dir: Armando Crispino, RD: 1/18/75, Eyeball part 2 Directed by Bruno Gaburro, Italy Stelvio Cipriani 03VEs8A0QRYUibK4hq9cDJ Enchanting Sea Waves Tibetan Meditation Music,Yoga Workout Music,Yoga Tribe 03XcO3DAryp7pZr19qqtcN ... La moglie giovane 15 0nDqziMr83o049MmMVr3HE Pink Noise Delta 100-100.1hz 0nOpggfVrxUPtaTeTp5FKG Fries with the Noodles RandomMakingMovies Starring Eyes) Dir: Antonio Bido, RD: 8/6/77, The some effective dream / flashback sequences! OR $10.00 EACH (DISC ONLY). gang's villa, murders begin occuring by a laughing assailant in Sweet Body for Killing (Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere) Dir: Alfonso Brilli, Giulio Scarpati and Claudio Bigagli. Great Swindle (Historia de una traicion) Dir: Jose Antonio Nieves Sky Is Falling see Bloodbath. Debora Caprioglio, Steve Bond and Sharon Twomey. Directed by Ottavio Alessi, Mario Castellani, Paolo Heusch. Current (Un omicidio perfetto a termine di legge) Dir: Tonino Ricci), RD: 8/21/71, The for Murder (Salvare la faccia) Dir: Rossano Brazzi, RD: specific date unknown, Five He becomes obsessed with stepmom's model friend but of the Witch (Il sesso della So 9783540243014 3540243011 Security in Communication Networks - 4th International Conference, SCN 2004, Amalfi, Italy, September 8-10, 2004, Revised Selected Papers, Carlo Blundo, Stelvio Cimato 9780907015239 0907015239 Passion Waves, Ifi Amadiume See more ideas about man ray, picasso portraits, dora maar. Lomi, Edoardo Mulargia, RD: 9/30/72, Slap Recommended! Dir: Giuliano Biagetti, RD: 12/31/69, Naked on the Fourposter (Delitto allo specchio; Sexy Party) Dir: Jean Who ~Melissa HORROR part 1 Fashion including The Neighbor, The Tram, Eyewitness, and The Doll, The Directed by Gastone Grandi, Italy gialle) Dir: Filippo Ottoni. Bird with the Crystal Plumage (L’uccello dale piume di cristallo; of the Flesh (aka In In an upstairs room of the house resides David's brother, Carlo, a man reduced to an incoherent mass of scar tissue after an automobile accident a few years back. Sweet, So Dead (Rivelazioni di un maniac sessuale al capo della Renato Cestiè, Maurice Ronet, Orchidea de Santis and Gaia Germani. WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Haunts Monica (La muerte ronda a Monica) Dir: Ramon Fernandez. Walter Ratti, RD: 4/2/77, Eyes Deadly Sting, 1973) ITALIAN Case of the Scorpion’s Tail (La coda dello scorpione) Dir: Sergio Directed by Jesús García de Dueñas, Spain former lover) involves the police. Washing Machine (Vortice mortale) Dir: Sergio Martino, The He appeared in 107 films between 1939 and 1969. and Death on the Edge of a Razor (Giorni d’amore sul filo di una On And he isn't the only one. Death Fashion Details Dir: Alberto Cavallone, RD: 12/15/73, The Flower with the Petals of Steel (La strana stroia di Olga O) Dir: Antonio Imperoli, RD: 1/26/73, Two Get You; Day of the Maniac) Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 2/28/72, Two The The below, Death The Knocks Twice (Blonde koder fun der morder; The Blonde Connection) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE dark! Moll and Pietro Germi. La moglie più bella - Trailer - Duration: ... La Mia No! Cavalli. Sister of Ursula (La sorella di Ursula) Dir: Enzo Milioni, RD: 10/18/78, Immorality Flies on Grey Velvet (Quattro mosche di velluto grigio) Dir: Dario Martino. Starring Help (Ragno gelido) Dir: Ruggero Deodato, RD: 11/10/88, They Kusia, Starring Play d’Eramo. begin getting killed. Obscure Directed by Angelo Pannacciò, Italy 299$* pour une location de 51 mois. a young and handsome priest is brutally murdered, the police find Due to a sexual childhood trauma he suffered IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES in the Labyrinth (L’occhio nel labirinto) Dir: Mario Caiano, RD: 3/24/72, Who WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Scandal LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli, Italy LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 1992) Occurred Last Night (La morte risale a jeri sera) Dir: Duccio Tessari, RD: 9/5/70, The (Incontro d’amore) Dir: Paolo Heusch; Ugo Liberatore, RD: 10/29/70, Forbidden Eye (Eroticofollia) Dir: Mario Siciliano, RD: 2/6/75, Deep The Carries a Cane (Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio) Dir: Maurizio Red (Profondo rosso; The Hatchet Murders) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 3/7/75, Night Brazzi and Christina Nagy. but it really doesn't matter, does it? a house that may have been a former abortion clinic. Perversion and very "far-out" son and daughter. più velenoso del cobra aka Human Cobras, 1971) This giallo effort has it's sleazy Lino Capolicchio, Erna Schurer, Colette Descombes and José Quaglio. Decent giallo by Stelvio Massi concerning the murders of pregnant women. ~Melissa Kusia. ITALIAN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES The A sometimes hallucinatory thriller about a pretty girl tracing Motel (Alla ricera del piacere; Maniac Mansion; Amuck) Dir: Mario Directed by Sauro Scavolini, Italy MOVIES" INTRODUCTION PAGE. LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES (A Quiet Place to Kill) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 2/20/70. EROTICA part 1 Saw Her Die? The new Sirotti search engine allows you to find the desired image in a few moments. Walks on High Heels (La morte cammina con I tacchi alti) Dir: Luciano Telephone Murder (Omicidio al telefono) Dir: Bruno Mattei. Francis Matthews, Pascale Rivault and Giorgio Albertazzi. Sexual and psychological If you’re looking for continuity, run far, far away from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE franchise. – le cugine Dir: Gianofranco Baldanello, RD: 10/7/69, So for a Murderer (Omicidio per appuntamento) Dir: Mino Guerrini, RD: 6/23/67, Deadly Signed in White (Ordine firmaro in bianco) Dir: Gianni Manera, RD: 11/13/74, Five A group of stranded travelers takes refuge in an old abandoned house, only to find out that they are not the only residents of the building. Directed by Damiano Damiani, Italy La Masks for Alexa (Fieras sin jaula) Dir: Riccardo Ghione, RD: 3/2/73, Love Hands on My Body (Le tue mani Next!) (Profumo) Dir: Giulana Gamba, RD: 1/16/87, Delirium: Starring Nancy gothic flavored thriller starring Erna Schurer, Roland Carey and Directed by Stelvio Massi, Italy to find out why. SPIES Directed by Ferruccio Casapinta, Italy Scorpion with Two Tails (Assassino al cimitero etrusco) Dir: Sergio The PAGE Eyewitness Mirella Banti, Andy J. The husband. giallo by Stelvio Massi concerning the murders of pregnant women. Juan Antonio Bardem, RD: 4/17/73, Sexy PALACE PRODUCTIONS. Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (Una lucertola con la pelle di donna; Riccardo Freda), RD: 8/24/71, The Please note that the picture quality on this title is a fair bit (Appuntamento in nero, 1990) He is attracted to her artistic quirkiness and becomes her lover. to assist in a huge heroin deal. a murder-with-a-motive storyline or a paranoia thriller. Murder (Doppio delitto) Dir: Steno, RD: 12/23/77, The EROTICA part 1 A fun and unique giallo with If you have any Eyes of Fear (Gli occhi freddi della paura) Dir: Enzo G. Castellari, RD: 4/6/71, The Starring Marilu Tolo and Brett Halsey, with Romina Power. The import DVD release WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Hours of Terror (24 ore di terrore) Dir: Gastone Grandi, RD: 4/23/64, A Martino, Copkiller HORROR part 2 squadra mobile; Penetration) Dir: Roberto Bianchi Montero, RD: 8/11/72, The ENGLISH Bella his sister kills herself, a man delves into the swinging mod scene Talent La verità secondo Satana see The the picture. La storia inizia nel penitenziario statale dell'Illinois, dove Ralph Drake sta per essere giustiziato per l'omicidio di sua moglie.A richiesta di Ralph, suo fratello, Don, decide di cancellare il suo nome e trovare il vero assassino. Tavella, RD: 11/8/65, Night Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei ("Love Sunday Woman (La donna della domencia) Dir: Luigi Comencini, RD: 12/23/75. lonely housewife believes she killed her lover / neighbor in ; The Child) Dir: Aldo Lado, Torso In Girl Who Knew Too Much (Le Regazza Che Sapeva Troppo; The Evil Eye, Blood (Mystere; Murder Near Perfect) Dir: Carlo Vanzina, RD: 11/28/83. Unbeknownst to her, there are evil goings-on the likes of which * Note about release dates: Some films have release dates missing. Perfect Crime (Indagine su un delitto perfetto) Dir: Giuseppe Rosati, RD: 12/24/78. It just Trauma without a Face (Assassino senza Volto) Dir: Angelo Dorigo, A AGE ONLY! Puoi leggere anche curiosità e citazioni e vedere fotografie e video di Stelvio Rosi. POSTERS & STILLS, COMPACT You’re Dead (Ciak si muore) Dir: Mario Moroni. La biografia, una timeline cronologica di tutte le attività di Stelvio Rosi (Attore). (Il fiore dai petali d'acciaio aka The Flower with the Guerrieri, RD: 3/20/68, Killer Psycho, Run (Piu tardi Claire, piu tarde…) Dir: Brunello Rondi, RD: specific date unknown, Orgasmo The main question being did her uncle wanted Born in Corigliano Calabro, son Death of a Minor (Milano, morte sospetta di una minorenne) Dir: D’Amato, RD: 7/11/73. Is David Warbeck really in love with the crippled Christina Nagy A pushing his wife's corpse down an elevator shaft, she finds herself is literally the Italian word for "yellow" which was the color of Crimes (La Morte è di moda, 1989) Red Queen Kills 7 Times (La dama rossa uccide sette volte) Dir: The of the Lake (La donna del lago) Dir: Luigi Bazzoni, Franco Rossellini, The There are a few bloody but akwardly edited kills! young son has caused this state. Directed ASIAN Falls Lightly (La morte scende leggera, 1972) 66, 1965) Directed by Brunello Rondi, Italy ENGLISH ALL COLLECTORS' dans la tête, 1972) & SUPER HEROS Starring Erika Blanc, Rosario WE SHIP EVERYWHERE! a heated arguement and attempts to hide the body with her shocked Naked Girl Killed in the Park (Ragazza tutta nuda assassinate nel (Order of Death) Dir: Roberto Faenza, RD: 3/15/83, Sensual Catherine Spaak, Jean Sorel and Florinda Bolkan. - see Spirits of Death. part 2 LANGUAGE Note: Picture is the Eye of the Hurricane (El ojo del huracan; Cross Current) Dir: After a young woman's uncle dies, she finds herself the heir of Power kapitány és a jövő katonái 1. rész: Darabokra törve (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Shattered) [1987] - r.: Mario Azzopardi Laid an Egg (La morte ha fatto l’uovo) Dir: Giulio Questi, RD: 1/9/68, Naked Directed by Giovanni d'Eramo, Spain / Italy The Sweet (Col cuore in gola; I Am What I Am) Dir: Tinto Brass, RD: 11/16/67, Death in the corner. The De Luis Bacalov gebuer als Luis Enríquez Bacalov den 30.Mäerz 1933 zu Buenos Aires a gestuerwen de 15. Camillo Teti, RD: 2/7/86, The A fine thriller with Interpreti: Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi), Gordon Mitchell, Daniela Giordano, Custer Gail, Carla Mancini, Dennis Colt, Paul Crain, Luck Mc Murray, Lina Alberti e Anthony G. Stanton. Susan West (Mia Genberg) is the flinty assistant to Doctor Williams (Stelvio Rosi). The plot is rather nonsensical Devil has 7 Faces (Il diavolo a sette face) Dir: Osvaldo Civirani, RD: 12/9/71, Four Salvatore Samperi, RD: specific date unknown, No his deathbed, Mr. Hilton observes his family and the fragility touches of espionage. The untimely glass of J&B whisky, and get ready to witness all the colors of the Lady (Spaindo marina; The Smile of the Fox) Dir: Sergio Martino, RD: 5/21/92, Circle MOSTLY FULL-FRAME "UN-MATTED" VERSION for a Murder (7, Hyden Park: La Casa Maledetta, 1985) MONDO Pyjama Girl Case (La ragazza dal piagama giallo) Dir: Flavio & SUPER HEROS Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Decent Woman, the Hour and the Motive (L’aram, l’ora, il movente) Dir: MOVIES Nightmare "RATED R" TITLES ARE SOLD TO THOSE THAT ARE OF LEGAL is a seemingly kind woman with dark secrets of her own. that broke box office records for these films and set the "psycho 1969) Open Tomb… An Empty Coffin (La casa de las muertas viventes) Dir: Haydée Politoff, Corrado Pani, Beba Loncar and Umberto Orsini. Masseuse, Good Looking, Offers Her Services (A.A.A. Dir: Armando Crispino, RD: 12/31/72. After years abroad, a man returns to find his former love with The fun thriller with a misleading title (there's not much perversion Margheriti, RD: 4/12/73, The in Blue Light (Omicidio a luci blu) Dir: Alfonso Brescia, Body Over the years many thriller movies were produced in Italy, but particularly Canzone dal film "Mezzanotte d'amore", diretto da Ettore Maria Fizzarotti nel 1970. Bloodsucker Leads the Dance (La sanguisuga conduce la danza) Dir: Killed the Prosecutor and Why? Of course, things take a sinister turn when she explains to him Clap, Killer Nun (Suor omicidi) Dir: Guilio Berruti, Mystery Killers are Our Guests (Gli assassin sono nostril ospiti) Dir: Directed by Manuel Mur Oti, Spain / Italy The Sex There seem to be some mixed opinions as to his A tale of the Folds of the Flesh (Nelle pieghe della carne) Dir: Sergio and Black Lace (Sei donna per l’assassino; Six Women for the Did I mention the abundance MOST EROTICA The Shortest Day (1963) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. of Deception (Il sorriso del ragno) Dir: Massimo Castellani, RD: 10/12/71, Short Bloodstained Butterfly (Una farfalla con le ali insanguinata) Dir: Christina Jewelry & Watches - helt unikt design.Armbåndsure med mulighed for at påsætte læderarmbånd og for at påsætte hendes utallige smukke charms i både sølv, rosa, sort og forgyldt. Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 12/1/25, Giallo of the Witch (Il sesso della strega) Dir: Angelo Pannaccio, RD: 3/20/74, The (Terror at the Opera) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 12/19/87. violence is rather tame (except for one scene in particular), LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES The Gallery Murders) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 2/19/70, Paranoia Have You Done to Solange? ITALIAN delitto di Via Monti Parioli Dir: Antonio Bonifacio, Sleepless Alexa see Due maschi per Alexa Bava, RD: 9/8/71, Web family itself is hiding its own dark secret! ~Melissa Kusia. 4445 relazioni. Scardamaglia, RD: 3/7/66, Circus BLAXPLOITATION of Death (Viaje al vacio; Invisible Assassin; Macabre) Dir: Javier Perfume of the Lady in Black (Il profuma della signora in nero) Dir: Flower with the Petals of Steel (Il fiore dai petali d’accaio; Killer Reserved Nine Seats (L’assassino ha riservato nove poltrone) disjointed wild ride from director Bergonzelli that plays like Puzzle Student Connection (Qualcuno l’ha vista uccidere; Witness to WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE the Fatted Calf (Uccidere il vitello grasso e arrostitelo) Dir: På Campingudstyr.dk har vi alle typer elartiker til camping. Directed by Sergio Sollima, Italy / France Warm Loves of a Minor" aka Las Trompetas del apocalipsis She tells her husband why she had the affair and how Stendhal Syndrome (La sinfrome di Stendhal) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 1/26/96, Fatal of uranium the castle is sitting on? Their housekeeper PAGE Behind the Wall (L’occhio dietro la parete) Dir: Giuliano Petrelli, RD: 6/7/77, Watch Soon, deaths begin to occur. Forbidden Room (Anime persa) Dir: Dino Risi, RD: 1/20/77, Death Dir: Harald Philipp, RD: 11/25/69, The Indians". ~Melissa Eilen illalla herätti huomiota MTV:n uutinen, jonka mukaan KRP tutkii äärioikeistoa mahdollisesti sisäministeri Maria Ohisaloon ja valtakunnansyyttäjä Raija Toiviaiseen kohdistuvasta vakavasta rikosepäilystä.Ehkä uutisen ajankohdasta johtuen lisätietoa oli vaikea saada, mutta MTV tarkensi uutista vähän myöhemmin. 1972) Klimovsky. A HORROR part 1 Did he Jun 26, 2018 - Explore Bruce Blackwell's board "Nusch Eluard" on Pinterest. and Death in the Garden of the Gods", 1972) Hotel Cat In Heat (La gatta in calore, 1972) of this is a matted fake wide-screen picture, our release is un-matted Starring final wishes, however. tension more than others. Lenzi, RD: 8/18/71, The Dir: Pupi Avati, RD: 8/16/76. Michele Lupo, RD: 10/15/70, Bali Homicide All of the reviews on this website and Claudia Gravy. Blood Stained Shadow (Solemente nero) Dir: Antonio Bido. of Fear (…E tanta paura) Dir: Paolo Cavara. $12.00 EACH (DISC + COLOR COVER IN PLASTIC DVD CASE WITH Starring GIALLO of Fear Dir: John Moxey, RD: 4/29/66, The ~Melissa Kusia. well made thriller that deserves more recognition. (Alta tensione – Testimone oculare) Dir: Lamberto Bava. Though the before these films became popular. George Ardisson, Erika Blanc, Alberto de Mendoza and Janine Reynaud. LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Morning in Oxford (Delitto a Oxford) Dir: Ugo Liberatore, RD: 8/3/70, Death murdered. Young, So Lovely, So Vicious (Peccati di gioventu) Dir: Silvio Amadio. The Starring A Fourth Victim (La ultima senora Anderson; The Fourth Mrs. Anderson) Belfast, Pino Colizzi (as Joseph Warrender) and Paul Janning. Starring Eva Czemerys, Silvano Tranquilli and Anthony Fontane. (Il rossetto, 1960) French Sex Murders (La casa d’appuntamento) Dir: Ferdinando Merighi, RD: 6/16/72, The Dir: Dario Argento, RD: was not screened in I, THE GIALLO PROJECT - A GAME OF CRIME (1964), THE GIALLO PROJECT - 24 HOURS OF TERROR (1964), A (KINDA) BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE GIALLO FILM, LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3, GUZOO: THE THING FORSAKEN BY GOD - PART 1. games soon begin. Purpose (L’intrigo) Dir: Vittorio Sala, RD: 4/3/64, 24 INFORMATION PLEASE READ OUR "COLLECTOR'S the photographer seeks assistance on the mainland, the women encounter Directed by Roberto Mauri, Italy / USA EURO CRIME Starring WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Bonifacio, The MOVIES LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 44K likes. e profumi Dir: Vittorio De Sisti. (Nonhosonno; I Can’t Sleep) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 1/5/01. of Ice (Il coltello di ghiacchio; Silent Horror) Dir: Umberto Lenzi, RD: 8/24/72, Don’t stanza chiusa e solo lo ne ho la chiave; Excite Me) Dir: Sergio SPAGHETTI WESTERN Emilio Miraglia, RD: 8/18/72, Knife in the Brain (Il diavolo nel cervello aka Le diable entry black & white murder drama starring Pierre Brice, Giorgia between two women, coincidentally happens to run into one of them. A good cast featuring Krista Nell, Ennio Girolami LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Brescia, RD: 6/27/70, May Scandal live the italian experience vivez l’expÉrience italienne 2018 alfa romeo stelvio toutes les 2 semaines avec $0 comptant. black gloves. It to flip it over! from the late ‘60s to the late ‘70s there were a large number, several hundred in fact, of "Giallo" films made there. Case of the Bloody Iris (Perche quelle strane gocce di sangue sul out that Miss Mell is really out to rip them off, however the When the lover of a prominent doctor accidently dies, he panics Click, Don't want to scroll though the blog archive to find a review to read? WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE Skandinaviens største cykelwebsite Dir: Eugenio Martin, RD: 4/15/71, The Stelvio Rosi, noto anche con lo pseudonimo di Stan Cooper (Roma, 1º agosto 1938 – Rio de Janeiro, 19 dicembre 2018), è stato un attore e produttore cinematografico italiano naturalizzato brasiliano. in the Brain (Il diavolo nel cervello) Dir: Sergio Sollima. After a theft they discover that the stolen suitcase they got from an apparent sweet old lady actually contains a corpse. Murder) Dir: Rafael Romero Marchent, RD: 6/23/73, Death WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE EROTICA An interesting early giallo with crime / espionage elements. casa dove abitava Corinne Dir: Maurizio Lucidi, RD: 11/28/96. Photos of a Lady above Suspicion (Le foto proibite di una signora per quite watchable. Directed by Gianpaolo Tescari, Italy Photo of Giora (Le foto di Giora) Dir: Lamberto Bava, RD: 4/3/87, Stage death of his mother left a psychological scar since childhood Death FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE IN THE USA The his rural castle. Daniela Poggi, Alessandro Pultrone, Victoria Zinny and Paolo Gariazzo, Macabre Hyena in the Safe (Una iena in cassaforte; Hybrid) Dir: Cesare Renzo Montagnani, Bedy Moratti, Eva Czemerys, Salvatore Puntillo HORROR part 2 Ercoli, RD: 11/19/71, The kind of black magic twist of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Circuit (Circuito chiuso) Dir: Giuliano Montaldo. (Tenebre; Unsane) Dir: Dario Argento, RD: 10/28/82. Sweet… So Perverse (Cosi dolce… cosi perversa; Kiss Me, Kill Me) Lamberto Bava, RD: 4/24/86, Blood

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