I'm falling hard for you, Nam Joo Hyuk!! It's such a shame his character was poorly written in Start Up, I would've liked to see them utilize … Louie Apr 17 2017 7:31 pm It was great to see him in a lead and he is an actor to watch out for in the future, he'll be huge. Per le prenotazioni effettuate a partire dal 6 aprile 2020 incluso, ti consigliamo di tenere a mente il rischio legato al … bebe Feb 10 2017 9:52 am He's not really in love with me... he just doesn't know it yet." I cried when you cried at StartUp. He will be big in the future. Kang Jin-Hee May 11 2015 6:23 pm jooskawngur Nov 14 2016 8:32 pm Is that even possible??? Keep working hard. Regina Oct 30 2020 3:29 pm It makes me giddy. saranghaeyo, Rhea Ricalde Dec 09 2016 6:56 am Thank you so much Nam Do San. Austin & Ally (TV Series 2011–2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Keep it up!! The main body of his work was produced in the fifties and sixties.For over twenty years, Peter Basch's had a successful career as a magazine photographer. Keep it up and looking forward for more series and movies for you. Insonnia d'amore Stasera in Tv. i really liked him in CITT he was cute & cool! Definitely one of the finest actors of his generation. After Ha Baek, I haven't see him in any new drama... 102 Views. Hana Nov 15 2020 12:45 pm His photos … his acting still has lots of room for improvement as i think for now its only "okay". Never under 30 years old one. Start-up is the first time Ive seen him act but his crying scenes were absolutely heart wrenching... he’s such a great actor!! I am enjoying it so much! Then, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, his chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung was the best. Dal 2008 si occupa della produzione di programmi di approfondimento, tra cui notizie e interviste importanti. Sherry Aug 15 2017 8:39 pm wow, just finished "the light in your eyes" and Nam joo hyuk did an amazing job. Blu Nov 12 2020 1:50 am i really love NJH in weightlifting fairy<3, joohyuk's Dec 26 2017 8:47 am Oppa fighting:) Ohh by the way i'm 3 years older from him and naahh i don't even care since every handsome guys are oppa to me:D. abe Feb 05 2016 4:23 am WOW! Gli artisti e le canzoni in gara, il regolamento, le curiosità, le anticipazioni, le serate, le news e tutto quello che riguarda il Festival dell'Eurovision Song Contest, uno dei programmi televisivi più longevi del mondo! I feel stupid lol, Eumy Apr 29 2015 12:17 am good luck. His gaze in light in your eyes so ✨. Quando la televisione, lo smartphone. dreamer Aug 03 2015 11:18 pm @funi hehe reply 1988:D I think he is one of the most perfect man i've ever seen in my life; handsome and cute at the same time, really tall, has a set of beautiful eyes, killing smile, oh well killing abs hehe and he is also a manly type of person.. His acting is good enough by the way and even improving in Glamourous Temptation and Cheese In A Trap.. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of June 2020. HE IS NOT FROM AKMU Non possiamo concludere il post dedicato alle modelle più famose degli anni Cinquanta senza parlare di Suzy Parker che non è stata solo un’indossatrice ma anche un’attrice, ha partecipato a diversi programmi televisivi ed è stata testimonial di alcune case cosmetiche come Revlon ed Estée Lauder. I am impressed, and will follow up your works. #4, Post an insane lie about the person above you, At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [August 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [July 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [June 2020]. First see u in The School Nurse Files. Hope to see you in more dramas in the future . I promest l fly to Korea and meat he. in his recent work, he represents Nam Do San massively good, indeed. I suoi ultimi rapporti radiofonici e televisivi hanno analizzato la Siria e l’Iraq. Continua a leggere l'articolo originale e l'interessantissimo report nell'infografica: I'll look after you from now on. I believe no one would say you're just handsome because you are an actor. Whoa!!! Uve got that innocent naïve look totally cute! moe eaindralin Oct 12 2015 2:01 pm So just give respect, these guys are awesome and deserve to be seen more in Kdrama or Kmovies. Oggi in TV oggi 10 luglio filmprogrammi in TV. How could I have missed him. . LowKey Aug 20 2017 6:22 am Saranghaeyo ! KC Manuel Sep 13 2017 9:45 pm South Korea is so lucky to have the incredible, gifted, and good looking actors you have. Lisa Oct 16 2014 10:15 pm I'm waiting for you to have a project with Chae Soo Bin! ?Luv luv luv, 한아나나나 Jun 09 2017 11:10 am I really really love him... Nam Joo Hyuk oppa! E' con quelli che fecero grossi pasticci. Also, I love how he portrays the naive and adorable character of Nam Do San. I hope you and Lee Sung Kyung would date one day (even though she's a bit older than you, it does not matter as long as you two like each other), and maybe marry each other??? he is blessesed with skills ! Thank you for your awesome portrayal as Nam Do San❤️. hwaiting!.. love you . And Happy belated birthday???.. Your act is so brilliant especially in start up. He just a cute Dosan. Kriya Mar 30 2017 11:52 am Suchi Rima Dec 25 2015 12:19 pm Loved him in Weightlifting fairy . .nam joo hyuk is handsome. Oh my bae. ?I think he was carved by the gods. Cherrie May 01 2017 3:02 am I seriously dont watch much dramas but this was certainly worth watching, babeyy May 21 2016 10:43 pm Everything u do is cute! i will always support you! He is in my wallpapers everywhere❤️. Maybe it's just his thing... >_>. He keeps on improving in his craft. Your so cute and handsome guy. Didnt know of his existence till Startup. i hope that someday i'll meet you! He is very cute as BIG and Euntaek! Michelle gode di una clientela varia in oltre 57 paesi nei 5 continenti. OMG you so handsome, adorable, and also charming in every movies that you acted. I missed seeing him as the main lead. And in that 5 years, you proved to me that you really are a great actor. Can't wait for the next ep of his current drama! Jenelyn Batalla Mar 02 2017 4:39 am Longer Feb 21 2017 8:08 pm Oppa!Why are you so handsome!? He is acting in Surpluss Princess now. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); You really made my days every time that I see you in tv !!! Clau Oct 02 2014 5:47 pm I don't blame others for their negative comments about him because I truly believe in respecting other's opinion. The critiques build him more and more,Suzy tho. he so cool in the drama the bride of habaek. muachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I shed many tears and smiled through all happy moments. I know that his personality is good too , thats why i'm really into this guy ^^ I really loved your portrayal as Jeong Joon Hyung, it really fits your handsomeness. Hope you'll be given different roles in the future. I just started watching Who Are You: School 2015 today and I must say, I'm loving his tandem with Kim So-Hyun whom I find really pretty and talented ♡♡ For me though, he looks more like the love child of Ji Chang-Wook and Jun-Ho of 2PM mehehe.. Godbless. Omg!!! he's capabilty is only best for singing & dancing . (Since Moon lovers:scarlet heart) your smile hi nam joo hyuk i love you. this is the best ending a drama should've!! Stats. Hope to see you in more dramas in the future . I love you so much!! Can I be your Kim Bok Joo someday? While all the rest, he is just secondary role or love interest of female lead centric drama. OWH~ I love his character in who are you : school 2015! if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") AliciaNM Jun 17 2015 2:02 am GOD. It's waste of your natural talents. Vanessa Dec 17 2016 4:35 am love your acting in Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo btw :). Hi oppa! you are really good in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!! Hoping for more projects for him in the future and that he may grab all opportunities available to improve his craft. Cant wait for his next series. Annyeong! Apr 25 2017 1:24 am Lol he shares the same birthday as Han Hyo Joo! You're character in that drama 'who are you' is kinda amazing. Goshhhh how the hell i forgottt that he actually acteddd in akmu's mv ! I first noticed NJH in AKMU's video and followed him throughout School, Scarlett Heart, WFKBJ, Dazzling, Start-Up. #mynewfoundKdramalove ♥, Megumi May 13 2015 6:36 am what a funny role :D. Double D Jan 01 2016 2:58 pm Loving the series. you're just too charming and i can't xD. Looking forward for the next episodes! He was on Infinite Challenge tonight - they were practicing basketball with a Korean basketball player. I'm officially in love with you after watching you in Cheese in the Trap!! ayesha Dec 21 2016 12:14 pm Good Luck !! I've watched everything that he's been in, and he is AMAZING! What you have is amazing! please go with Eun Byeol.... gjkeogwfj Jun 11 2015 7:25 pm I hope to see more K- dramas you as the lead star in the future. karin Feb 02 2016 8:23 pm FIGHTING Nam JooHyuk !!!! Rhea Dec 01 2016 11:24 pm i really like your acting . such a great actor <3 <3 <3 <3 looking forward to your new drama <3 <3 #YGstan, Dachy Shawol Mar 02 2017 7:45 pm He's cute that's why I am having a crush on him. Honey Nov 29 2020 6:56 am I love swag couple. ❤. I seriously think that he deserves more screen time aka getting a better character. abighail manne Feb 27 2017 5:25 am Il 29 marzo fu … Nam Joo Hyuk is everywhere! U are handsome and charming. he's the guy frol akmu *-------* give love ~~ love him, vanessa Sep 19 2014 2:29 am 2 Replies. [CDATA[ Iloveyousomuch Oppa !!! skzhyun Oct 14 2016 6:37 am He is a super good looking and charming i just love everything about him and his drama! Annyeong Oppa! ❤️❤️. It's such a shame his character was poorly written in Start Up, I would've liked to see them utilize his skills more. Don't count him out, just give him time to grow into his acting chops. I'm really happy that he's the 'Hero' in Weightlifting Fairy cause he deserves it. Tamara Mar 28 2020 8:55 am im so in love. you're so handsome, and tall.. so cool when playing basket.. cytinggg Jun 04 2015 5:57 am Oppa you are so cute and i hope you don’t end up with Eun Bi. Saranghaeyo Oppa Joo Hyuk! Robilu minin ....nam joo is love he is too cute ? Miss this guy... see you in 2019 "The Light in Your Eyes". e davanti Pandora Box ecco un enorme … Saranghaeyo oppa! PARK SANDRA Feb 26 2017 5:53 am I know he'll hit it big soon and with a face like that, he'll only get more popular.. so cute, so tall. nam joo hyck....i like u soo much.....am frm INDIA ......people here r very big fans of korean dramas.....u r so cute and innocent.....u r actng in who r u was very good ......i hope i wll see u in many more dramas.....in future.....fighting!!!!! I love all act's of nam ,he's my favorite actor in Korea, in fact he also my celebrity crush, Lucie Apr 28 2020 3:48 am for me easy to understand the character of baek ah on scarlet heart just right to her face & personality.. if ji soo hold that character it will be weird not suit with her. I liked him in school 2015 it was a good drama. It's nothing but murder and mayhem and plots without integrity and soul. lilac Apr 02 2018 7:56 am I love you in who are you school 2015, You acting is seriously improving! . XD lols!!! Tas Dec 06 2020 5:15 pm He is one of the best actors I hv ever seen!he and bae Suzy r like the BEST actors in this whole entire world! "Han Yi-an is a life-time friend, but he's not my soulmate. saranghaeyo <3, Mark ungui May 21 2017 8:11 am Elizabeth Jan 05 2017 10:57 pm I find the WF interesting and refreshing and I like it. Kintanist Jan 05 2017 10:33 pm rimas Sep 30 2015 4:48 pm I'm really love you...be ma future husband?...haha hah lol....saranaghae oppa!!!? HeyMessi Aug 09 2017 9:08 pm But after watching Weightlifting fairy. and your also in YG ent. ?❤️❤️❤️, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Nam_Joo-Hyuk&oldid=1189627. You are so Handsome.I love you guy. Nam Ju-hyuk is a very handsome, young, talented actor. Haven't watch his other dramas but CITT. Saranghaeyo. well except for the year im 1997 but Who cares i LOVE YOU Han YIan. oppa saranghae. He was known for his images of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, and glamour-girls in America and Europe. Cnboicegirl Jul 14 2017 6:37 am sese Sep 30 2016 11:45 pm //, //

1 h. Complete table of Serie A standings for … Enjoying the drama. Congratulations for getting an award as Best New Actor. Rooting for you #Nam Joo Hyuk . I fell inlove with him, More kdramas with Lee Sung Kyung please? Kinley dema Feb 22 2017 3:03 pm Dont mind the ratings, there are lots of international fans that support this drama and I'm definitely one of them!! I only got to know him in Bride of the Water God recently, where he instantly became my eyes' apple ? <3, Person Dec 27 2016 5:08 pm Page Transparency See More. he's so handsome and tall likeee ermaaagawwwwwd hehe. I admire his character in startup. <3 :-*, .RLHYNNE Jul 03 2015 6:08 am I watched him first in Cheese in the Trap and he was so cool and a bestfriend of Kim Go Eun. DaPan Dec 31 2016 1:25 pm Ive watched school 2015 . He is such a good actor. Love him since Surplus Princess, but nowadays, i kind of less interest on him.. Drama: Here, Start up, Nurse teacher he cld pass as Park hae jin's younger brod! again Nam Joo Hyuk fighting!!! Success 4 u, Joo Hyuk!! Keytie Jun 29 2019 3:13 pm thank you for your hard work, Ju Hyeok oppa. :), SHY Apr 04 2017 10:22 pm I'm currently enjoying WFKBJ.